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Selling your home? This is the first step. Pricing your home accurately gives you the competitive edge over other homes on the market. Here's why:

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  • Serious buyers looking at houses in their budget range are exposed to your home as soon as you list it. If you price too high, your home sits out of their budget range for too long before the price drops into their budget range. They likely have already found a home in their budget range by that time, and have snatched it up. Likewise, if you price too low in the hopes of making a quick sale, your home sits out of their budget range. Think like a buyer, and you've got your edge!
  • Your home never loses marketability. An overpriced home cannot be justified by reason, and an underpriced home may raise eyebrows - in the sense that "something must be wrong for it to be that low."
  • The closer to market value, the higher the offers. This is the result from #1. Qualified buyers looking at homes in their price range will see your home right away. They don't hesitate to put an offer in if your home matches their criteria. Knowing it's a fair price, they may offer more in hopes of including certain appliances, amenities, supplies, etc. 
  • A well-priced property can generate competing offers. This is another result from #1. Qualified buyers looking at homes in their price range will see your home right away. Without hesitating for too long, they'll place an offer. 
  • Showings and presentations are enthusiastic. Realtors are human, and they have clients they connect with. Finding a home for the right price for their buyers is exciting! When they show the home to their buyers, they are enthusiastic. This positive atmosphere surrounding the showing makes it far more likely for those buyers to place an offer on your home.

Home Evaluation

Having said all of that, let's get started pricing your home. Online tools can calculate basic price based on location, size, style and condition, but you need your analysis to be accurate! Some things still need the touch of a real person. Other factors I calculate in are community & neighbourhood amenities, buyer supply and financing options. Let's get started. Fill out the form below, and I will send you back a comparative market analysis that takes a look at the value of your home based on all of the above factors and how they are affected in the current housing market.

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