Southwest Yorkton

Neighbourhood Guide

If you're looking for an idyllic place for you and your family to grow up in, look no further than the Southwest side of Yorkton! This area of the city was first developed in the 1970s, and still sees new home builds to this day. As a result, families from all walks of life and socio-economic statuses live harmoniously together. This neighbourhood is located away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, so it's nice and quiet. The only drawback to this is that it takes longer to drive to points within the city. Of course, in a place like Yorkton, a longer drive is only two to three minutes longer! 


  • Knights of Columbus Park 

Also known as KC Park. The most notable feature of this park is the large, asymmetrical hill on the North side. This makes it a popular hill for tobogganing, with different slopes for kids of all ages and experiences. A new playground was installed in 2010, and was one of the first playgrounds in the city to feature "rubber sand", a sand alternative made from recycled and mulched vehicle tires. This rubber sand drastically cuts down the likelihood of any neighbourhood cats using playgrounds as their outdoor litter box. This park also features an outdoor rink, a basketball court, Pickleball and Tennis courts.

  • Croswaithe Park

This park is an open green space behind St. Paul's Elementary School. Ideal for Soccer, Lacrosse and Football.

  • BMX Park

Located to the East of Columbia School, past their large green space, is the BMX Park. This is an open green space with a series of varying hills for cycling enthusiasts.

  • Centennial Park

This park is an open green space located in the middle of Centennial Drive. 

  • Ravine Ecological Preserve

The ravine is located to the West of the Gallagher Centre. It is a 2.8 Kilometer hiking trail, aimed at preserving the local and regional wildlife ecosystem, as well as educating the public in an interactive way.


  • St. Paul's Elementary School

St. Paul's School belongs to Christ the Teacher Catholic School Division in Yorkton. It is a Pre K-8 school system, and welcomes all children regardless of Catholic faith or non Catholic faith. St. Paul's usually sees smaller class sizes than most public schools, so your child can benefit from a more personalized learning experience.

  • Columbia Elementary School

Columbia School is a Pre K-8 public school, part of the Good Spirit School Division. This school provides an excellent and diverse range of extracurricular activities, as well as having enriching programs within curriculum. 

  • St. Mary's Elementary School

St. Mary's School belongs to Christ the Teacher Catholic School Division, and is also a Pre K - 8 system. They welcome all children, regardless of Catholic faith or non Catholic faith. This is another school that sees smaller class sizes, so your child may benefit from this advantage.


  • Yorkton Regional Health Centre

The Yorkton Hospital is located in this neighbourhood, as well as mental health services.

  • Yorkton & District Nursing Home

The nursing home is located just to the East of the Hospital, an ideal and convenient location for seniors with Health issues.

  • The Gallagher Centre

Formerly known as the Agri-plex, The Gallagher Centre is Yorkton's sports, recreation, entertainment and convention hub. It's a large community centre, featuring a swimming pool & water park, figure skating & hockey rink, a walking track, curling rink, banquet hall, meeting/workshop rooms, and agricultural use buildings.